Mortgage Settlement Scams

Idaho’s Attorney General is warning consumers of a new scam related to the recent multistate mortgage servicer settlement.

Reports have been made of phone calls and emails from scammers asking for the consumer’s bank account number. Some callers have reportedly posed as bank employees or as third-settlement administrators.

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden says, “Consumers should never give their bank account or credit card numbers to someone who calls them.” People and organizations involved in this settlement will never call asking for a borrower’s bank account number.

Other scammers may offer to help borrowers obtain loan modifications – for a fee. This is unlawful under the Idaho Consumer Protection Act.

“Borrowers do not need to pay anyone to receive assistance with loan modification or refinancing programs,” Wasden said. “Information about the settlement is available through my office and directly from the participating servicers.”

Telephone numbers for the participating servicers are posted on the Attorney General’s settlement website at

Read the article in its entirety on the Attorney General’s website.

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